Dragoș Lupașcu - interface designer

Dragoș Lupașcu

interface designer

Dragoș Lupașcu

interface designer

Hi, I am Dragoș Lupașcu, interface designer & information architect based in Bucharest, Romania.

Enhance people's lives by improving their experience with digital products and services

is the motto that drove me for the last 8 years of experience in designing interfaces for products and services used globally.

They all have screens, whether it’s a computer, a mobile phone, a navigation device, a point of sale, or even an industrial machine, and for every screen there’s an interface that must be designed accordingly in order to deliver the best user experience possible.

Throughout my experience, I was involved in designing various projects, from large content websites, e-commerce platforms, presentation and campaign websites, to software interfaces, mobile applications, navigation software, and many more.

While I specialise in interface design and information architecture, I’ve never limited myself to screens and experimented with other design fields such as identity, print, fashion and industrial design.

I strongly believe that focusing on one thing and doing it at its best is the path to success, but developing collateral skills and knowledge is crucial for a deeper understanding of how things really work. As an interface designer & information architect, I’ve also developed skills in UX design, interaction design, branding, front-end development (HTML, CSS & JS) and programming, basically in every other field that surrounds and interacts with interface design.

Generally, I like to leave the things I touch better than I found them and while design lies at the very foundation of all products or services used by human beings, I believe it’s a good thing to start with it and everything else will follow.

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